Nobody wants to know.

I have tried to discuss this at various times with various family members, but no one wants to hear it.  I have mentioned the “everything is all right” conversational guidelines imposed by my family.  It does not seem to be optional- My attempts to break this rule were met universally with staunch resistance.  So I figured… if I cannot tell anyone- I will tell everyone.  I have to do something with the story- it appears I have two choices: keep it inside and let it eat my guts out, or let it out so perhaps it will become harmless. To me in any event.  I fear it is going to be disjointed and fragmental.  I tried writing it down in book form but could not do it without being blocked by my horrible inadequacy as a writer.  As a different aspect or memory surfaces I try to log in and record it.  The story spans many years.

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